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Campaign Spotlight: World Mylk Day

The 1st June marks World Milk Day, or in Rebel Kitchen’s case World Mylk Day. They’re stepping up to offer a dairy-free alternative to the creamy white stuff, it’s thought that 65% of the world’s population are affected by a Lactose intolerance.

Rebel Kitchen are making sure that they don’t miss out, with the first dairy alternative that tastes just like real milk.

This World Mylk Day, Rebel Kitchen will be bringing the milk man back with a twist, they’ll be up at the crack of dawn on their Mylk-round dropping off their new plant-based Mylk to Londoner’s homes.

Fans of the brand can also get a Mylk delivered to their door by commenting ‘World Mylk Day’ on any Rebel Kitchen Instagram post on the 1st of June.

Rebel Kitchen founder Tamara Arbib says

In true Rebel spirit we wanted to create the first milk alternative that tastes like real dairy. Not only does our Mylk taste and look like dairy, but we’ll also be surprising Londoner’s by delivering it in the same way too.

The innovative taste of Mylk is created from organic ingredients, including coconut cream to replicate the richness of dairy milk; brown rice to mirror the natural sweetness (which comes from lactose); and nutritional yeast to add the grassy notes found in dairy milk.

Rebel Kitchen Mylk is available in Whole Semi Skimmed and Skimmed variants, making it an easy switch for dairy drinkers. The Mylk range uses traditional blue, green and red coloured tops that consumers are familiar with, allowing them to shop the range like the traditional dairy aisle.

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