On Wednesday 8th August 2018, a new monthly subscription box launches: marketed as the UK’s first non-fiction book subscription box for women, WILDWOMAN will focus on connecting like-minded women with the best self-development books alongside exclusive an array of self-care treats each month.

WILDWOMAN is the perfect care package for women wanting more – more knowledge, more time for themselves and more headspace – by taking time out and putting themselves first.

The carefully curated boxes are the brainchild of twenty-something entrepreneur and founder of GozenGirls (a book club celebrating inspiring self-development books), Donna Louise Hay, who wants women from all over the world to be able to reclaim their me-time, reconnect with themselves and put their mental health first, after first-hand experiencing the power of self-development books can have.

“As someone who has suffered from my own mental health challenges including common anxiety disorder and a sustained period of grief, I found books to be the cure for me. Books have always helped me out of some of the most difficult and darkest times of my life, without the words on these pages to inspire and empower me I truly believe my own journey could have been very different”

WILDWOMAN founder Donna says.

“Since the GozenGirls community started to grow and I began to share my own thoughts about some of my favourite non-fiction books, I saw the opportunity to develop a subscription service that women from across the world could join in with. No longer does a book club have to be a physical meet up. Utilising my own digital marketing skills I understand the power of social media and how easily we can connect from one side of the globe to another and that’s pretty special!”

Every month, the WILDWOMAN subscription box will arrive and remind receivers to take an hour or two just for themselves. It aims to reconnect each WILDWOMAN to themselves by reading an inspiring book whilst indulging in a regular self-care routine.

Each box contains five gorgeous gifts including a chosen book of the month, stationery, crystals, affirmation cards, sweet treats and more, plus a journaling worksheet based on the contents of the book so that readers can make the most of the lessons within each book – that’s the real beauty of non-fiction books.

Subscribers of WILDWOMAN will also be invited to join the worldwide book club, GozenGirls and encourage to connect to other women online through the growing community, to talk about the book of the month and their own journeys of self-discovery.

Ultimately, WILDWOMAN is a subscription box for every woman who cares about her wellbeing and strives to live the best life possible. For women who want to take a little bit of time each month to slow down, check-in with themselves and regain control of her life, by reconnecting with her mind, body and soul.

“I believe we should all be a little more kind on ourselves. We’re all about the hustle and bustle, constantly rushing around and scrolling relentlessly. Life is passing us by without us even coming up with air” Donna adds.

“When we slow down, life slows down. We live in the moment. We take better care of ourselves. We start to practice self-love. We connect with others and ourselves on a much deeper level. WILDWOMAN is for every woman who craves connection. It’s a positive, self-care package every month that will empower and inspire you.”

The first WILDWOMAN box features Mel Wells’ latest book ‘Hungry for More’ alongside a selection of positive self-care gifts.

It will be available to pre-order from Wednesday 8th August 2018 via gozengirls.com and is priced at £30 (plus postage).