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Tribe App for Influencers

Main platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

TRIBE is open to brands and influencers from anywhere in the world.

Personally, we are big fans of Tribe as a well-rounded standalone solution. The campaigns are easy to access, the app also supports relevant campaigns depending on the preferred campaigns, successful briefs and much more, making your feed smarter and smarter. Extremely intuitive and easy to use, made with the influencers in mind.

Clear regulations and property

Tribe classifies an influencer as someone with 3,000+ genuine followers on just one of the three partner platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A brand can share an influencer’s post within the platform it appears, but cannot use the content for any advertising outside of that.

They currently have headquarters in Australia and the UK, so if you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be looked after by Team Australia. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, Team UK (hence why the currency used for a brand’s campaign will either be AUD$ or GBP£ accordingly.)


From a brand’s campaign brief, influencers create and submit a post with a price attached.

The app also provides a rough idea of optimal rates depending on reach (calculated with benchmarks set within the app)

Brands create the campaign briefs and from those, Influencers create the posts. Brands can be represented by anyone from PR Agencies to Media Agencies. But ONLY the Influencer can construct their post. The influencer owns the content, as it’s been generated by them with a financial contribution from a brand to be featured within it.

If a brand approves it, the influencer can then publish direct to their social media and collect payment within the app (this also includes the correct hashtags and handles, all added for you via your account)

If the brand has slight changes to the content or price, they can ‘Suggest Changes’ to the influencer, who’ll either re-submit or move on. If the campaign has ended, the budget has been spent or the Influencer and / or post is not right for the campaign, the brand can select ‘No Thanks’.

You can see below some of the latest campaigns in action.


Influencer marketing, social media regulations, advertising standards.

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