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In an interview with alphr.com, co-founder Mat Stigzelius says it was his partner, co-founder Solberg Auðunssons, who noted the missed opportunity of micro-influencers as brands spent money with influencers on the “macro” level.

Translated as ‘artisan’ in Japanese, Takumi allows users with 1,000 followers or more to browse a list of brand campaigns that fit their profile, choose which they want to create original content for, and get paid from £40 to £2,000 per post depending on the size of their following.

Takumi saw what a lot of people were missing at the time: the influence of the micro influencers.  In one of their most recent surveys. three quarters (75%) of the people surveyed for Takumi said they were not put off by the inclusion of hashtags such as #sp, #spon or #ad.

These hashtags had the least effect on the 55+ age group, with 81% saying they wouldn’t feel any differently towards the authenticity of the post, closely followed by the 25 to 34 age bracket (77%).

Which is surprising, as influencers feel like their followers will be affected negatively by the inclusion of hashtags in their posts.

Mats Stigzelius, co-founder of Takumi, says: “This is the most up to date piece of research available and shows just how significant Instagram is when it comes to influencing consumer behaviour – whether that is encouraging the purchase of a product, attendance at an event or participation in a charity campaign

Takumi will review your content to make sure it satisfies the campaign requirements. When it comes to payments, transfers will be made directly to your bank account within 48 hours.

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Takumi can save you time and hassle when it comes to liaising, negotiating and defining a campaign outline for the brand. There’s a 1,000 follower minimum, but that’s not a golden ticket: the staff at Takumi will verify that their followers are real and active people.