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Campaign Spotlight: All you Need to Know about Organic September

What is Organic September?

Organic September is a yearly campaign run by the Soil Association encouraging people to make small changes to their purchasing habits, as well as supporting organic businesses with their growth and overall awareness.

From the Soil Association website: “more people buying organic food means more organic farms. More organic farms mean fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals raised under the highest standards. The choices you make with the food you eat have an impact on the world you live in. Switching to just one organic item can really help contribute to changing our food system for the better”

This means there are plenty of opportunities to shout about the benefits of organic to help grow the market, promote your business and increase sales in the process.

Last year’s campaign was the most successful to date, seeing sales increase from 4.2% to 7.1% during the month of September (Nielsen), as well as media reach: 61 million and social media reach of 38 million.

Soil Association is planning a targeted consumer digital and media campaign designed to increase awareness and understanding of organic and drive consumers online & in store to look for the logo and choose organic.

Save the Date

Organic September Saturday will be a dedicated day of organic in the Independent retailers taking place on 15 September – you can download the full starter pack on the Soil Association website.

This year there will be three main marketing focuses:

  • What is Organic? – to explain what organic is, demystify some misconceptions and help people understand why they should choose organic
  • Organic is Everyday – signposting people where to find, try and buy organic, be that in-store or online
  • Organic is Certified – shining a spotlight on the fact that organic is certified and offers incredible food assurance – encouraging people to look for the logo and choose organic

Find out more about how to get involved on the Soil Association website.

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