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Pinterest Adds New User Insights Section to Underline Brand Opportunities

Have you considered the benefits of Pinterest for your business? While the other players in the sector get more focus, Pinterest has continued to slowly build out its platform and offerings, expanding not only its tools, but also strengthening its core use case – which is largely in variance to other social apps.

Facebook Makes it Easier to Create Ads on the Go with Ads Manager Enhancements

Facebook has added a new suite of creative tools to its Ads Manager app in order to better enable advertisers to create campaigns from their mobile devices. Originally spotted in testing last month, the new tools will make it much easier to build an effective, eye-catching Facebook ad, through the use of simple, mobile-specific tools.

What Products Podcast Listeners Purchase the Most, Broken Down by Genre

Podcast listeners spend more on groceries than the average American, with music podcast fans being top consumers of beer, and comedy fans stocking up on baby food. As the medium’s popularity continues to boom and more advertisers flood into the space, they’re always on the lookout for the best ways to reach their target consumer demographic.

Instagram Is Letting People Know When Their Friends Are Available to Chat on Direct

The corporate synergy between Facebook Messenger and Instagram keeps coming, as the latter introduced a feature that has been available on the former for quite some time. Instagram announced in a blog post that users can now see when their friends are available to chat via Instagram Direct.