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What can selfies teach digital advertisers?

Aaron Brooks is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Vamp, a digital startup which helps brands better connect with quality social influencers. The first moon landing (whether you believe in it or not) is a story of three men, but chances are you have only heard of two of them.

Sipsmith: scaling an artisanal gin globally through influencer marketing | Traackr

Traackr has partnered with Scott Guthrie for the following interview. This forms part of our new global series “Influencer Marketing at Scale”. Other companies featured in the series include How Meliá Hotels International Scales Influencer Marketing Across 7 Brands and 4 Continents and How The Body Shop Works With Influencers To Drive Both Social Change And Product Sales .

6 lies the internet tells you when you Google your symptoms

In the past year, I’ve convinced myself that I had solar retinopathy, rhabdo, an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Lyme disease, appendicitis, and an abscessed tooth. (And that’s just a sampling of my would-be ailments.) I have a sickness, all right. But it’s none of those things. I’m a total hypochondriac-or, rather, a “cyberchondriac.”

Instagram will shame you when you’ve wasted too much time in the app

If Instagram is the main cause of your phone addiction, the app may soon be able to help. We’ve now gotten another look at how Instagram’s upcoming “usage insights” feature will help users curb their Instagram addiction.