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Reactive Communication

Requests from journalists, influencers and bloggers eager to write about YOU as well as influencer events opportunities (including exhibiting, goodie bags and much more).

Video Training & Tutorials

Online training, as well as policies & templates for marketing, sales and PR management as well as a library of reviews of key softwares for everything from marketing and sales to design.

Office Hours

Weekly office hours and monthly roundtables to discuss state of affairs and business, as well as masterclasses and talks, networking events and UK-wide meetups.

Promotion & Networking

Help us helping you by supporting your latest offers and campaigns, connecting you with fellow brands and relevant influencers who can support you in your growth.


Fostering a network of Health & Wellness Brands in the UK


Whole Influence Network is the first UK network of health & wellness brands (most of which we have had the pleasure of working with through the Health Bloggers Community). The aim of this network is to foster partnerships in a new, refreshing way, as we are proudly part of one of the youngest industries in the world – and we all know collaborations are the key to growth and change.

This is a place for founders, marketers and interns alike. Whoever in your team has the power to connect with people is welcome here.

There are SO many things you could be doing to foster relationships in your business: contacting influencers and bloggers, email marketing, social media, press, live streaming, webinars, Facebook advertising – yes, our head is spinning as well! There are only 24 hours in a day. And there’s only one of you.

So how do you decide which strategies will help you make money in your growing brand? And how do you implement those strategies so you can get results – fast?

A few of the Courses included in your Membership

Be your Own Social Media Manager 30 mins a day or less

Influencer Marketing 101

because working with influencers does not have to be hard

CRM + Accounting for Small Businesses

best softwares and tools to manage your relationships

Instagram Optimisation Challenge to make the most of our Instagram in seven days

Accounting and Finances Clinic

how to optimise your accounting and finances with top softwares

How to get involved

Get me Started!

15 mins a day to get your brand viral for only £47pm sounds too good to be true…but what if it was true?

The monthly membership is less than an espresso (£1.70 per day!) and it’s perfect for those hustlers starting up their own business. You’ll then be guided through the training content (which includes video tutorials, worksheets, audio and live classes) at a pace that makes sense for your business and feels comfortable for you. You’ll also get the support of a group of creative business owners who are committed to doing work they love.

If you’re really serious about investing some time and money in your growth, then grab our yearly membership for £450 – and get 2 months free.

Get involved

Our exclusive network will be capped at 150 members, however, we review and approve new members on a monthly basis, adding them to a waiting list when required. We are committed to give 110% (if that’s even possible), and want to keep our members happy – we still understand you may need a time out, which is why you can cancel your membership at anytime.

  • Upon registration, we request you fill out a short questionnaire to receive a 20-minute audit on a social account of your choosing (worth £57)
  • Online courses and masterclasses as well as networking events and meetups
  • Weekly emails and daily announcements on latest campaigns, PR requests and event opportunities
  • Weekly office hours for strategy and consulting questions (ask anything about promoting your business)
  • Group challenges (including email list building, live streaming, social media engagement etc.)
  • A library of reviews of key softwares for everything from marketing and sales to design