Main platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

Indahash is one of the oldest influencer marketing platforms to date (January 2016), with nearly 900 campaigns conducted in 2017 through 250,000 influencers and a push to make their mark in the U.S.

IndaHash founders Barbara Sołtysińska and Włas Chorowiec, creators of LifeTube (a platform for YouTube stars) realised it was not all about privilege.

As is the norm with Influencer Marketplaces, the creators themselves don’t pay any fees to participate.

When they receive a payment, they receive the full amount. What’s different here is that IndaHash sets their rates (price per post) for them and this happens only after a human-run screening process. Less work for the influencers, but also less freedom in pricing.

How are the rates calculated?

An algorithm comes into play in determining the rate, which is assigned to the influencer once they are accepted.  That rate can change over time as an influencer’s popularity and engagement rise and fall. All payments come from indaHash directly.

When someone applies to be an influencer, they’re verified for a number of things like follower count (700 is the minimum), overall engagement rate, and the quality of their content and followers.

In 2017 the app launched its very own cryptocurrency, looking to offer tailored rewards to influencers in exchange for posts.

Indahash, the pay-per-fame Solution
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Negotiation, pricing and budget are handled by the platform. The platform also provides a full report, but for the brand only. The platform also rates influencers on an on-going basis depending on different criteria (such as engagement).