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Campaign Spotlight: How I Binnie Butter

We love to celebrate incredible campaigns, and today is the turn of Binnie’s Coconut Butter’s #howibinniebutter. We asked them to share a bit more about their current campaign.

Kids don’t always eat the healthy food you want them to. At least OURS didn’t.

So, when we made our first batch of Binnie’s Coconut Butter (for my husband and I) and our little one devoured it right along with us, we knew we were onto something. Our all natural, versatile spread is a healthy gluten free, peanut free, dairy free staple the whole family can enjoy and feel good about eating.

We think coconuts have been begging to be made into this butter for quite some time.

Our flavoured coconut butter spreads are disrupting the Nut Butter category.

They are completely different in taste and texture than any other nut butters on the market and because of this people always want to know how to enjoy it so we created the #howibinniebutter campaign on Instagram to create a tag to search for all the recipes and ways our customers are using our delicious spreads!

Credits: @feastingonfruit via @binniescoconutbutter

Thank you @feastingonfruit for this incredible recipe(swipe left)! A great way to start the week! ❤❤❤#howibinniebutter

We prompt people to engage with this campaign in two ways.

One, by modelling it ourselves through posting our recipes and ways we are using our butters with the hashtag like our four ingredient maple rice crispy treats below.

Credits: @binniescoconutbutter

And two, by reposting other customers posts who have used the hashtag as well to encourage others to do the same!

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