We had a chance to join FUTR for their annual conference in London. This year the conference expanded into FUtureTRends; the year-round conversation on the future of consumer- facing commerce.

“Millennial 20/20 was disruptive, both in terms of format and content. We were quick to identify the rapidly-changing consumer landscape driven by the digitally-savvy, mobile- first, tech-native millennial generation” states their press kit.

The conference aimed to create a conversation between brands and retailers focusing on latest solutions and innovations to meet these needs and transform each part the customer journey.

Here’s a summary of our favourite trends, technologies, innovations and business models that held the potential to disrupt the way brands and retailers operate.
  • Influencer Marketing becomes part of the customer journey, and relevant resource for ambassador-driven communications and endorsements
  • Outsourcing third-party solutions to monitor, coordinate, and engage with influencers, both with app and desktop solutions
  • User-generated content to become even more relevant than ever, with a 135% increase in solutions aimed at supporting and encouraging communication with users
  • Video to become a predominant part of the content produced by brands, both on a amateur and professional level


If you are looking to know “what’s next”, understand how to bridge ‘the gap between now and next’, while carrying forward authentic values with no baggage, we definitely recommend you joining FUTR next year.