Training and Consulting


Our training and consulting solutions are aimed at assessing the credibility of all brand communications around marketing and advertising, making sure brands, influencers and agencies achieve the minimum business standard for compliance with ASA and FTC and best practice principles, as well as awareness of best trends and features from the most common social platforms.

Upgrade your Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is nothing more than a way to see social media and digital marketing done right. Whether you call it viral, contagious or boasting, ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ is all about applying simple and effective rules to your overall marketing strategy to make it stick.

Upgrade your Collaborations

Influencers and brands have a responsibility to liaise in a professional manner and outline their business case for collaboration, as well as being fully aware of how to protect their content and be transparent about their advertising work. As influencer marketing keeps growing as an industry, even people in the industry do not really know how to act in compliance with marketing and advertising laws, as well as best practices for business communication between influencers and brands or agencies.

Our training and consulting focuses on…

  • Remit of the Advertising Codes: how the advertising rules apply to different types of social media communications, including the use of affiliates and user-generated content
  • Brand Growth, Awareness and Strategy: strategies, content and implementations to really supercharge your marketing
  • Best Tools for Marketing Management: how to harness the best tools to take time off social media and be able to focus on business growth
  • Ownership and content laws: when and how you should ensure you have permission to reuse specific content from influencers and brand champions
  • Recognition of advertising: the important rules for labeling posts on social media and for producing advertorial content
  • Best communication practices: how to interact with potential customers and influencers on social media and via email when discussing potential collaborations or use of content
  • Trends and changes in social platforms: we always keep up with new features, algorithms, and trends so you do not have to. We’ll discuss how you can harness them depending on your goals
training and consulting


Power Hour
1-hour consultation
1-hour consultation to discuss your current needs and pain points in one area of your choice
Full post-consultation recap with recommendations, implementations and top tools and resources
Templates, cheatsheets, libraries of resources
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Consulting Package
Duration: 3 months
3x monthly 1-hour consultations in person or via Skype
Full post-consultation recap with recommendations, implementations and top tools and resources
Templates, cheatsheets, libraries of resources
Weekly emails / messages to check in, ask questions and support
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Training Workshop
workshop & strategy
Audit to assess your current strategy and level of proficiency
Full breakdown of immediate implementations
Tailored training deck focusing on the Whole Influence Standards
2.5 h training session (online or in person) to create a clear outline of your own strategy
4-week implementation strategy
Campaign timeline with a detailed checklist
Templates to implement internal policies
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