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Campaign Spotlight: Know your Lemons

How can you create awareness through social as a small charity among a bigger crowd?

Worldwide Breast CancerĀ is a nonprofit that relies on social media and marketing to grow and support people.

The long-runningĀ #KnowYourLemons campaign was its most successful campaign to date, showing a crate of 12 lemons to explain all the different warning signs of breast cancer.

From the clever hashtag to the very colourful and key imagery, this campaign is aimed to educate women about what to look for when they perform a breast cancer check at home.

Credits: World Breast Cancer

As a result, the campaign boosted awareness and helped Worldwide Breast Cancer exceed their target fundraising by more than 300%. Clever hashtags are key to bring awareness to the masses, and a creative use of images can surely support this even further.

Credits: World Breast Cancer

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